Facts about Odessa

28 Jan

Facts about Odessa

Odessa, The City of Romance

Odessa is a romantic city and has been adored by artists, sculptors, writers and poets for its most beautiful opera houses, diverse museums and galleries, peaceful gardens and amazing architecture.  Odessa’s warm sea breeze, sunny beaches, picturesque coastal areas and therapeutic mud from salt lagoons are the places which Odessa reserves for its famous health resorts and treatment facilities.


Arcadia Beach: Odessa’s most famous beach is located in the Arcadia quarter. The founders of Odessa chose this name for this area in the hope that it would help make  it a success as a holiday resort.

There is a main beach which has water slides and several smaller beaches. Arcadia is a popular beach, health resort and summer nightspot in Odessa. Its  nightclubs are open from May through September, and are Odessa’s primary nightlife during that time.

Jump on the mother-in-law bridge: 

This bridge was built by the First Secretary of Odessa Communist Party, for the sole purpose of making the walk to his work to his mother-in-law’s house and her delicious pancakes shorter. shaking!

While some might claim the story is fake, most of Odessans strongly believe it, as bridge serves no real communication purpose. For those in love with adventures, bring your group of friends and try jumping on the bridge. If you jump strong enough, and if the weather is windy, the platform starts

Jump on the mother-in-law bridge

Odessa Opera House: Odessa Opera Theater is rightfully considered among the most beautiful in Europe. The original building was finished in 1810, but burned down in 1873. Current Theater design was done in the style of Viennese barocco in 1887. Full restoration of the Opera Theater was completed in 2007. Opera Theater has unique acoustics and even the quietest whispering from the stage can be heard in any part of the hall.

Odessa Opera House

Odessa Catacombs: World’s largest network of underground catacombs is located right under Odessa. They are long  – over 2,500 km and still counting, very dark – only a small portion of it is officially open as an museum, and full of history. First catacombs started to appear in 19th century, as underground quarries. During the World War II, local partisans used the labyrinths for hiding. Currently most of the catacombs are accessible only to the groups of enthusiasts and are not advised to be explored on your own. For an introduction to the world of the catacombs, you can visit “Museum of Partisan Glory” in Nerubayskoye, next to Odessa.

Odessa Catacombs

Dniester Delta National Park: Northern part of Dniester Liman is a wetland of international importance. The area is home to many endangered species, both plant and animal.

The bird community, nesting in the wetlands, is especially valuable and includes the glossy ibis (Plegadis falcinellus), its most endangered species. Observe and experience the wildlife of Dniester Delta National Park, together with our nature experts at Glossy Ibis campsite.

Dniester Delta National Park




Mantra Beach Club: The famous Mantra team from Kiev has come to Odessa to reinvent the nightlife scene in the most extravagant way. Nestled right on the beachfront, Mantra Beach Club is the epicenter of everything modern and cool – DJs from all over the world spinning vinyl, incredible live performances, a state-of-the-art sound system and a dedicated team to make all your wishes come true at one of the biggest poolsides in the city.

Reserve your spot and let your soul take over. Mantra Beach Club will win your heart and give you a new home in Odessa!

Mantra Beach Club

Club Ibiza: It is designed as a gigantic ant hill with white walls, blue slabs, pink doors, high lit tables, neon bars, friendly staff, cute guards, clean toilets, a small aquarium pool, hanging bridges, etc. The club resembles a maze full of flat-screen TV sets, lighting and sound plants. People are having fun everywhere- both upstairs and downstairs and you can see the endless sea in the round wall openings of the club. This miracle is located right on the Black Sea coast in the open air. The club is so beautiful that has a touch of pathos about it.

Club Ibiza

Caleton Beach Club:  Caleton is one of the best beach club with good amenities and wonderful music. The beach is very clean and cozy with perfect atmosphere.

Caleton Beach Club

 How to get to Odessa:

    High speed train Intercity + (Kiev – Odessa – Kiev)

Train No. From To Dep Arr Hours of Journey
763 L Kyiv Odessa 16:35 pm 23:38 pm Approx 6 hrs 58 mins
764 L Odessa Kyiv 05:43 am 12:43 pm Approx 6 hrs 58 mins

Intercity Train (Lviv – Odessa – Lviv)

From To Dep Arr Hours of Journey
Lviv Odessa 19:14 pm 07:59 am Approx 12 hrs 45 mins
Lviv Odessa 20:45 pm 08:36 am Approx 11 hrs 45 mins
Lviv Odessa 21:31 pm 09:11 am Approx 11 hrs 45 mins
Odessa Lviv 15:48 pm 03:30 am Approx 11 hrs 45 mins
Odessa Lviv 18:31 pm 06:08 am Approx 11 hrs 30 mins
Odessa Lviv 19:02 pm 07:23 am Approx 12 hrs 25 mins


Food in Odessa

Odessa is known for its good food and quirky cafes. The meals are plentiful, prices are acceptable and the interior design is often fascinating. For an authentic Odessa-Jewish experience, visit Rozmarin – a kosher-food restaurant celebrating the Jewish heritage of Odessa and frequented by locals.  For a more mainstream experience, go to Deribasovskaya st. and sit down at Kompot. Try their traditional cherry ‘kompot’ (fruity drink  in boiled water), served the way babushka would fetch it from her pantry.

Local cuisines like kilka, forshmak, tzimmes, aubergine pate, fried gobbies are very popular. Odessa welcomes visitors at any time of year and always has something special and memorable in store for them with its festivals, bright nightspots, theaters, music clubs and just boundless joy.


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