Facts about Kiev

28 Jan

Facts about Kiev

Situated on the Dneipro River, Kiev (also Kyiv) is the capital city of Ukraine. After a rough and turbulent history, the town has become an interesting array of old and new buildings. More and more of the culture is being influenced by the characteristics of both Western and European customs, yet the Ukrainians who live here still cling proudly to tradition. The modern city of Kiev is home to roughly three million people. Some of these people are foreign diplomats while others are students from other parts of the world. Thus, Kiev has a somewhat cosmopolitan feel.

Kiev has a good selection of attractions, enough to occupy most visitors for a week or more. Conveniently, most are in the city centre or just a short Metro ride away. The city is known for its magnificent churches and cathedrals. Kiev is a green city with many beautiful parks and gardens to choose from.

Pechersk Lavra Kiev - Caves Monastery

Pechersk Lavra Kiev – Caves Monastery

The Church of Assumption was originally built at the end of the 11th Century but was destroyed during the Second World War. It was rebuilt in 2000 and is also known as Dormition Cathedral or Uspensky Cathedral.


Khreshchatyk Park

Khreshchatyk Park is one of several charming parks in Kiev city centre. Situated at the northern end of Kiev’s main street, it offers spectacular views of the Dnieper River and the city’s Left Bank. It is one of a series of parks running along the western bank of Dnieper River. Taking a walk through the parks is an excellent way to spend a summer’s day.

Khreshchatyk Park

Khreshchatyk Park

Motherland Monument: Known locally as ‘Brezhnev’s Daughter’ the Motherland Monument is a giant titanium statue that celebrates the Soviet Union’s victory over the Nazi Germany. 62m high and visible from various points around Kiev, it is the city’s most distinctive feature.

Motherland Monument

Gryshko National Botanical Garden: This large park lies in Pechersk and boasts thousands of trees, flower and plants from different regions of Ukraine. There’s a palm house, children’s playground, butterfly enclosure and tropical house with various reptiles and fish. The eastern side of the park offers wonderful views of the Dnipro River and Kiev’s Left Bank. The nearest Metro station is Druzhby Narodiv.

Gryshko National Botanical Garden

The Golden Gate: The Golden Gate of Kiev is a fortification that was a part of the ancient city walls. It was built in the 11th century by Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kiev, but subsequently fell into disrepair and was buried underground. There are lot of places to eat and drink nearby. An outdoor café next to the Golden Gate is very pleasant in the summer months. The Golden Gate Irish Pub is also nearby.

Golden Gate

Independence Square: 

Situated at the northern end of Khreschatyk, Kiev’s Independence Square is city’s most popular spot for meetings, late night drinking and people watching. The glass domes found on the square are actually the skylights of Globus, an upmarket underground shopping mall that lies beneath the square. Independence Square is also home to the Central Post Office and the Hotel Ukraina.

Independence Square

Pirogovo: Situated around 12km south of Kiev, the Pirogovo open air- museum is one of the best in Ukraine. Numerous villages are scattered around the large grounds, each representing a different region of the country. During the summer, craftsmen work here and sell pottery, carvings and other items. The restaurants here rank amoongst the best places to eat shashlyk.

Dnieper River Boat Ride: The Dnieper river boat ride is one of the favorite types of entertainment in Kyiv. The 1,420-mile Dnieper, Europe’s third-longest river (after the Volga and the Danube).A boat trip along the Dnieper River is a journey of discovery: explore ancient historical sights, gaze upon grand monuments and encounter a vibrant culture rich in tradition.

Dnieper River Boat Ride

Kyiv Funicular Cableway

The Kyiv Funicular Cableway is a ride that should be on every tourist’s list of fascinating things to explore. The funicular connects the historic upper town to the lower Podil district through the steep hill and gives you the opportunity to explore the breath takingly beautiful scenery of Kyiv and also view the Dnieper River. You can also make nice selfies there. The total gradient of the slope is 36%.

Kyiv Funicular Cableway

Dolphinarium in Kiev: 

The Dolphinarium in Kiev is not only a native and cozy house for these lovely and such clever sea inhabitants, but also the cultural-educational center where everyone can plunge in the mysterious world of sea depths, get acquainted with sea inhabitants, get to know a lot of interesting information about their physiology, characters and peculiarity of their behavior. Dolphinarium is a huge entertainment center. You are sure to have a lot of fun and incredible emotions. You can also swim with dolphins and take pictures. Photos with dolphins and seals will leave in your memory unforgettable positive memories from communicating with amazing sea animals.

Kiev Dolphinarium


Manufactura Outlet Village: Kyiv has a lot of shopping malls, but this one, opened in October 2013, offers something really unique. Entering the outlet area you open a travel door to some small and cosy European town with brand stores instead of residential buildings. The outlet centre is located 15 km to the south from Kyiv, in the picturesque Hodosiivka village.

Kiev Manufactura Outlet Village

Kiev Manufactura Outlet Village

Gulliver: The latest shopping mall in downtown Kyiv has opened in one of the new skyscrapers. Entering Gulliver, you find yourself in a luxurious 8 level atrium. The mall houses 130 shops of closes, shoes, jewellery, perfumes, books, bags etc. The entertainment area hosts a cinema, bowling centre, fitness centre with a rooftop 25-m swimming pool giving a panoramic view over the city. There is also “Cocktail Connoisseur Supermarket”, and a range of services such as travel agencies, banks, a beauty salon and dry-cleaning. There is a parking for 450 cars.


Ocean Plaza:  The biggest shopping mall situated just near city center. This place is beautiful both inside and outside. It is decorated as a seabed, full of light and fountains. The main attraction is, of course, aquarium with 1000 creatures inside.

Ocean Plaza Shopping Mall

Globus: Globus, located at Independence Square, is one of the best places in the Ukrainian capital to go clothes shopping! There are 192 shops on three levels – two of which are underground. There are also shoe shops, jewellery, lingerie, and perfumery outlets.

Globus Mall


Kiev comes electric at night. The party starts at midnight and goes until noon the next day. There is a wide variety of fun pubs, bars, swanky lounges, strip clubs and insane nightclubs.



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